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Praise for Princess Zoe


“For any of you that are fearful or hesitant of getting to know PrincessZoe, let me ease your fears and concerns. I too had these same reservations for nearly a year before summonsing the ability to contact PrincessZoe to arrange to meet her. You will have to understand that this lady is not one that you can contact and go to her location within the next hour or so for a quick sexual encounter. NO, you must pass a rigorous screening and then and only then will you be allowed to have an audience with her.

For those of you that expect to meet with this lady as an escort, think twice about it. This may or may not ever happen, and I can gaurantee that it won’t for a long time, if ever. For those that have ever thought that it would be intriguing to submit your body and mind to the control of a Dominatrix, this could be your opportunity, but beware she can become extremely addictive!

I first met MISTRESS almost a month ago, after considering our meeting for a long, long time. During our sessions she has counseled with me to determine what level of domination that I desired. Being a “vanila newbie”, I had no idea what to expect, but she somehow had the ability to quickly gain my confidence, with the understanding of what limits I was willing endure. With time those limits have began to expand, as I yearn for additional experiences from my MISTRESS. Having never thought that I would EVER wish to have a strap-on experience, I now know that she is an expert at introducing individuals to this type or erotic encounter. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought of looking forward to the sting or her “Crop” or the slap of her “Flog”, much less to kneel at her feet and almost beg to worship her beauty. However, it only took a short period of time for me to desire such activities with an intenseness unrivaled in all of my years.

My MISTRESS has already allowed me to be her Slut Bitch Boy, of which I am yearning to learn more with the expertise demonstrated by PrincessZoe. As previously stated she is an addiction that I wish I had been introduced to years earlier. So with my late start we must work harder to make up for lost time.

Just remember if you do decide to attempt to meet this lovely figure of a woman, you may have a difficult time scheduling as I am in line before you!”

– slut bitch boy

“i’ve had two visits to Princess Zoe recently and i must say that it was the BEST experience of all in my life as a sub. Not only She is gorgeous, but She is a total professional and has a soul.

i was very pleased and surprised to find out She is not just the stereotypical bitch-dominatrix. It is as much a domination as a therapy that made me feel liberated after each session. She performed everything i asked with seriousness, and absolute effectiveness. That riding crop of Hers did miracles on my poor body!

I can’t really describe it. It’s a session on it’s own just to be around Her presence. Can’t wait for the next appointment soon! Guys at the company i work are already scheduling.”

– Lucky

“I had a wonderful time hanging out with you and your staff at your dungeon/offices today.   Everyone was so real with who they are and as a result they treat others with respect and dignity while fulfilling their wildest fantasies safely and with friends.  I hope to visit again soon!”

– SL

“Just wanted to drop a quick note before I fly out to tell you how happy I am I found you and thank you for a great session.  You and dia are terrific, beautiful, funny, creative and sincere, all the things I was looking for and thought I would never find in OKC.  You can be assured I am thinking of the two of you from now on.

Again thanks for a great session,”

– J

“What a Lady !

Princess Zoe redefines domination and fantasy fulfillment. Having experienced this exceptional Lady I can absolutely assure you, she can transform and adapt to your unique needs and persona!

I’m not totally new to the domina experience, one had to travel at least to Dallas before now to find anyone that actually might be. Not anymore !

She is quite simply the BEST one can hope to experience.  She’s professional, a stunning visual treat, intelligent, classy, caring, sensual, fun and very very intuitive. Your surrender to her is beyond worthwhile !

In my case as a new client, a pre-appointment brief explanation of my fantasy was the opening to a wonderful experience. Princess Zoe took control and lead me to the edge of my personal envelope and across that line to a new level of emotional and physical stimulation. I left my appointment her with a pleasant residual high, my senses still tingling and a completely satisfied smile !  Suffice to say, I understand what a new addiction could be !

It’s damn sure not easy to explain a domination session in a few words.

One way I can attempt to explain what my first wonderful experience with Princess Zoe was would be not unlike a first ride on the world’s best roller coaster ride as a child.You give up control when you slide into the seat and are at the mercy of the ride’s designer.You have an idea this should be fun, but will realize afterward you had never ever before experienced anything this thrilling.

Oklahoma City…somehow… just won the lottery of Dominas. ….  GO SEE HER ! ! ”

– Gary


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